Clearing trauma and distress so you can flourish.

Using The Richards Trauma Process, Havening and EFT, I work with people to release the felt sense of burden, distress and chaos that lodges in the body and the nervous system during times of trauma and severe stress. It is this felt sense of burden that constricts our emotional range and responses,  eventually narrowing and shutting down our ability to engage fully in life. Learn more.


Also known as tapping, EFT is a psycho-sensory therapy that clears blocked emotions from the electro-chemical system.

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Havening touch is also a psycho-sensory therapy that resolves trauma by releasing delta waves in the brain to calm the amygdala – the brain’s fear centre.


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The Richards Trauma Process

Uses hypnosis to clear trauma from sensory memory, by unfreezing the hippocampus – the brain’s emotional memory centre.

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