No two people react in exactly the same way to the same set of circumstances. What may be fleeting stress for an adult can be devastating to a child, an experience that washes over one person may devastate another. The more trauma or prolonged stress one endures the more we are susceptible to becoming traumatized. Depending on our personal history, the timing of the stressors, trauma affects us differently and particular therapies are more effective for treating certain kinds of traumatic experiences in different people at different times.

With Havening, EFT and The Richards Trauma Process, there is a therapy to help everyone, no matter what their psychological landscape or trauma experience.


Also known as tapping, EFT is a psycho-sensory therapy that clears blocked emotions from the electro-chemical system.

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Havening touch is also a psycho-sensory therapy that resolves trauma by releasing delta waves in the brain to calm the amygdala – the brain’s fear centre.


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The Richards Trauma Process

Uses hypnosis to clear trauma from sensory memory, by unfreezing the hippocampus – the brain’s emotional memory centre.

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