Everything we think, feel and experience has impacted on our neural pathways and changed them. Our performance and the way we feel now are a reflection of our neural conditioning. With EFT we can change our neural conditioning and consciously harness the power of neuroplasticity.

When our energy system is blocked and overloaded it reveals itself as distressing emotions, procrastination, glitches or a compromised ability to perform and, when chronically blocked, as physical illness. Just as dancers train their muscles to effortlessly turn and glide without having to consciously think about it, so stress and trauma train our muscles and neural pathways to react in ways that cause physical pain, emotional distress and disrupt our creative flow. Imagine leaning how to transform your performance by clearing energetic and physical blockages.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is both an energy modality and, the way I use it, a somatic (body) practice.

EFT accesses the body’s energy and information systems (including the fascia) and neural pathways through acupressure points. It is similar to acupuncture, but instead of using needles we lightly tap certain acupressure points with our fingers tips. EFT can be used in two ways. By tuning into unsettling feelings as we tap the acupressure points, we literally tap away the distressing energy. Once core stressors have been eliminated from our energy systems we operate from a new, more resilient, creative, energetic baseline, improving physical prowess, mental agility, creative flow and emotional resilience. EFT can also be used to work directly on enhancing existing abilities and breaking through unconsciously imposed ‘glass ceilings’. This is called Positive EFT.

Once our organism knows it is safe the body and voice will automatically become more supple, richer, freer, and fuller and will become more expressive and creativity will flow freely.

EFT is simple to learn and in your session I teach you how to do it. While it is simple to learn, it takes much longer to master EFT to safely clear big traumas, especially from early childhood. For these situations it is best to work with a fully qualified practitioner.